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Control Corrosion.
Prevent leaks.

Did you know?

Hard water minerals are one of the leading causes of pipe corrosion and pinhole leaks in domestic water plumbing systems in Ontario.

How hard water minerals impact your building

Scale Buildup
Hard water mineral buildup is known as scale.

Scale traps dissolved oxygen, which corrodes pipes and mechanical systems, causing pinhole leaks, and increasing bacterial growth.

Clogged Mechanical Equipment
Mineral buildup clogs valves and heat exchangers, shortening their life and increasing energy use.

Stacks & Drains
Hard water minerals bind to soaps and detergents, decreasing their cleaning power within your stacks and drains.

Toronto city skyline at night, with the CN tower illuminated pink and the glow of cars rushing along the Gardiner expressway. The moon illuminates Lake Ontario
Outline of the Province of Ontario containing text naming hard water minerals in Ontario: Calcium, Lime, Magnesium, Iron

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We work across industries – from Condominiums to Casinos, Hospitals to Hotels.

Provincial helps you take control of your plumbing systems and prevent costly repairs.

Water System Corrosion Control

Control and prevent corrosion to protect your domestic water and mechanical plumbing systems.

Tank Inspections & Linings 

Connect to Provincial Tank Lining: The Most Trusted Name in Hot Water Tank Lining.

Leak and Flood detection

Detect leaks when they happen. Prevent floods. Minimize unnecessary repairs and insurance claims.

Corrosion Control is our Speciality.

The Provincial team has been serving the Ontario community since 1993.

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Graphic of water droplet containing three tall building outlines

Who We Are

The Trusted Name in domestic water corrosion prevention.

For 30 years, Provincial™ has remained the leader in domestic water corrosion prevention.
Since our humble beginnings in 1993 we have been of service to the Ontario community, from Hospitals to Condominiums.

Our team is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of each and every customer by offering quality products, superior workmanship, and prompt, professional service at a competitive price.

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